Relationships Therapy

Counselling for couples and partners to help address issues in your relationship

If you and your partner are not happy in your relationship and/or have persistent struggles, then going to a professional 3rd party for help may help you find a constructive way to address issues between you and either go forward with commitment or find an amicable way to separating. I offer structured and practical relationship therapy.

A recent (2014) major survey of 5000 people and their relationships published by Relate and Relationships Scotland, called 'The Way We Are Now 2014' has highlighted the close association between feeling satisfied in our relationships and our overall wellbeing: physical, mental and spiritual. Positively it reflects how 8 out 10 of us report having good relationships with our partners. But the things which can undermine relationships include: worries about money (60% think money worries are one of the biggest strains on a relationship), 18% of people never or rarely felt loved in the two weeks before the survey, 22% say they are dissatisfied with their sex life, and 25% of people report having had an affair. An additional survey of 250 Relate and Relationships Scotland counsellors, listed three factors for a happy sex life: improving communication, making time to be together and learning how to talk about sex with your partner.

Some indicators that your relationship needs attention include:
  • Problems communicating eg escalating or stonewalling behaviours
  • Leading separate lives
  • Poor sex life
  • Persistent and malicious arguing or bickering
  • High alcohol consumption
  • Being critical of each other
  • One or both of you having affairs
  • Staying together until the children leave home
Living with someone is often very challenging. It is easy to forget what brought you together and lose your sense of fun and joy, self worth and purpose. We can all retreat to stuck ways of behaving and even if we are aware of this it canbe difficult to step out. Then day to day survival - work; domestic chores; finances; children can easily dominate. It may be difficult to find time to express and discuss this constructively with your partner, without both of you spiralling into a cycle of resentment and destructive behaviours. Exploring these issues and how you each can be constructively different with each other may help you reform your commitment and love to each other - or to be clearer about going different ways.

I provide relationship counselling for couples,  and non couples and am based in  North Somerset, on the city boundary with Bristol; my practice is in Long Ashton, North Somerset, within easy reach of many parts of central and south Bristol: Southville, Clifton, Ashton Gate, Hotwells, Totterdown, Knowle, and Windmill Hill; and the North Somerset towns & villages of Backwell, Nailsea, Failand, Wraxall, Flax Bourton, Pill, Abbott’s Leigh.
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