About You

You may be

  • Male
  • Female
  • A young adult (16+)
  • Never too old
  • A couple
  • Coming with a partner
  • Disabled
  • Gay or straight
  • Having a mid life crisis
  • Struggling with parenting
  • Weighed down with health issues
  • Facing major change in your life
  • Coming to terms with a difficult personal history
  • Having relationship problems
  • Been made redundant

Emotionally, you may be feeling

  • Down, depressed
  • Worried and anxious
  • Stressed
  • Grumpy or frustrated
  • Angry
  • Inconsolably sad
  • Puzzled
  • Fed up
  • You're not quite sure but - - -
Counselling and psychotherapy is available to anyone whatever their background - clients come from a range of social, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. With respect to sexual identity, I have worked with clients who see themselves as gay, straight, bi, hetero, ambivalent. I have considerable experience working with people with disabilities, and both the Long Ashton centre has wheelchair access.

I take a special interest in working with both women and men and the particular difficulties that our own gendered roles can bring us. 

If you are a woman: 

You may be holding dual and/or multiple roles; struggling to be first rate at work, home AND everywhere else; feeling ambivalent about your self esteem and confidence, have concerns around having children or not, have body issues, find it difficult to say 'no'. For women in particular there are many difficulties that come with having children:
parenting; ill children; miscarriages; pressures on your relationship; balancing childcare and work; supporting children through school.

In many ways the world has changed immeasurably for women: eg education opportunities, changes in the workplace, different attitudes to domestic roles; yet in other ways women have a juggling act to hold many competing demands, and it can be difficult to find your own way with these. As a woman I offer you an opportunity to explore what these pressures and expectations mean for you.

If you are a man:

What being masculine means has changed enormously over the last say 50 years. For many contemporary men, finding your way at home and work can be confusing. Some men are unsure about expressing emotions and feelings, maybe seeing them as a sign of weakness. If you are the main provider this can bring great personal pressure. You may not feel fully involved with your family, and/or find it difficult to get a home/work balance. You may be struggling with stress at work, and as well you may feel that this is not fully appreciated at home. For many men handling 'power' is often confusing - you don't want to dominate or have 'power over' others in relationships, and yet this can leave a dilemma about how you can stay empowered as you. Handling anger can be especially difficult for many men and is something that can be usefully explored through counselling.

While traditionally less men than women come to counselling, this has changed a great deal over the years and I find it quite commonplace for men to seek counselling. 

Young adults

Moving through teenage-hood to adulthood can be exciting, and yet for many young adults it is a time that can be confusing, disorienting and stressful. There are pressures from others to meet their hopes and expectations; from yourself to be 'perfect'; from peers to fit in; from beauty 'norms'; from exams; from debt. You may find it difficult adjusting to demands of a workplace; be daunted about how and where to find work. And then there is the pressure of relationships - or else not being in a relationship. Parents can be a two way bind: maybe difficult to separate from; difficult to get off your back; not seeming to care enough; over protective.
I offer you a confidential space where you can talk freely about whatever concerns you may have.

I provide counselling and psychotherapy for a wide range of presenting issues and am based in  North Somerset, on the city boundary with Bristol; my practice is in Long Ashton, North Somerset, within easy reach of many parts of central and south Bristol: Southville, Clifton, Ashton Gate, Hotwells, Totterdown, Knowle, and Windmill Hill; and the North Somerset towns & villages of Backwell, Nailsea, Failand, Wraxall, Flax Bourton, Pill, Abbott’s Leigh.
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